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A reception and show will be held for featured artists on Art Night in Lahaina
at 802 Front Street from 6:00pm to 9:00pm on the following dates...


Anima Spiritus

August 10-13, 2023

Closeup of Nisla's Painting: Cocoon

Gleb Goloubetski

Eyes of Beauty

August 14-27, 2023

Closeup of Gleb Goloubetski's Painting: Venice Arch


Tropical States of Mind

September 7-17, 2023

Closeup of Gabriel's Painting: Paradise

Taryn Alessandro

Maui Style

October 26-30, 2023

Closeup of Taryn Alessandro's Painting: Laundry Day

Alexei Antonov

Mirrors of Reality

November 2-12, 2023

Closeup of Alexei Antonov's Painting: Spirit of Wine

Arcade LaTour

Born of Fire

November 17-30, 2023

Closeup of Arcade LaTour's Painting: Milieux

Pamela Sukhum

The Color of Compassion

December 20 to January 9, 2024

Closeup of Pamela Sukhum's Painting: Sparks