Our Beloved Gallery & Jewelry Store are gone!

Sargent's Fine Art Gallery from Front St

Dear Friends of Sargent's,

Sargent's will rise from the ashes - Gaylord Ho - Celebrations

It is with deep sadness we share with you the total loss of Sargent's Fine Art & Jewelry, due to the fires in Maui. We are grieving for two cherished team members who perished in the fire. Many of our team members have lost their homes and treasured belongings. The rest of our valued team, including gallery owners Dick and Sue Sargent, are safe. We mourn the loss of our friends, neighbors, homes, and businesses which define our vibrant Lahaina community.

We are profoundly grateful for the support and heartfelt messages we have received from our dear friends and patrons across the world, like you. Your compassion and solidarity is a reminder of what it takes to sustain communities of commerce and friendship. We are privileged to partner with a talented group of artists who are the backbone of the Sargent's experience. The commitment and leadership of Kim Jacoby and Chris Bierley have been invaluable to the success of Sargent's and will be critical as we move through the process of recovery. Thank you for standing with us during these challenging times.

For 28 years your passion for the art and the enthusiasm for the artists at our gallery have been our driving force. Your love of the art gracing your walls and joy in the art experiences we have shared has left an indelible mark. Coming to terms with the reality that our art gallery and jewelry store are gone has been difficult; however, the spirit of what we've built together remains alive in our collective memories. To honor these memories, and with hopeful hearts, we look to the future.

Our commitment remains undeterred. We aim to continue championing local and global artisans, and to once again provide the unparalleled Sargent's Fine Art experience. We plan to resurrect our beloved gallery at its original location on Front Street, rebuilding alongside our Lahaina community. In the meantime, we aim to share our artist works online, and soon in a temporary space. Please stay tuned as we work to keep sharing our artists' creations, which light up Maui and our spirits.

The journey of rebuilding is a monumental one. Such challenges bring out our best! With the collective strength of our Lahaina community, the creative brilliance of our artists, and the unwavering support from our loyal patrons and donors we are confident our beloved island will flourish once more, embracing the visitors from around the world.

As we undertake this challenge, we remain committed to fulfilling ongoing art sales and projects. For any business inquiries, please contact us at info@sargentsfineart.com. We request your understanding and patience as we tackle the various facets of this rebuilding process.

We will stay in touch with emails and Facebook updates of our journey to recovery.

With heartfelt Aloha, we express our deepest gratitude for your unwavering support and compassion!

Dick Sargent and the Sargent's Fine Art & Jewelry Team

Our team members who have lost their homes: Lisa, Nisla, Douglas, Roni, Adam, and Jeska. Because of the generous donations we have received, next week we will be able to send our first disbursement of funds to help support their immediate needs.

If you wish to contribute to support our employees and the gallery's resurrection, kindly click on the button. Sargents Donate Button.

Mahalo, Dick Sargent

Sargent's Fine Art Gallery after the Aug 8th fire

Sargent's Fine Art Team Sargent's Fine Art Artists Sargent's Fine Jewelry storefront Sargent's Fine Art Gallery Window

It is symbolic that the only piece of art that survived the fire was Lori Higgins' beautiful bronze sculpture: Spirit of Aloha shown below. It is this indomitable spirit of love and community support that will ensure that Lahaina and Sargent's will rise again!

Lori Higgins' Spirit of Aloha sculpture survived the fire Lori Higgins' Spirit of Aloha sculpture before the fire