When Time Stood Still

Here Victor presents his vision of "love in eternity". A couple embraces at the center of the clock of Time. The numerals on the face of the clock are formed from the roots and branches of trees. Beneath the feet of the couple is a keyhole, where the key fits to run the clock. Through the power of their love, these lovers have taken the key out of the clock of Time, so that they can be together forever.

The couple stands at the number "12," which is both midnight and noon. This point on the clock is the beginning and the end, the first meeting and the last, the point of eternity: alpha and omega. The number "12" in ancient Asian cultures rules space and time and is a symbol of order, perfection, and integrity of existence. The key is at the same time a phallic symbol and a symbol of wisdom. It is also the symbol of a mystery that must be solved, of a task to be accomplished, and of a stage leading to the revelation of love.

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 by Victor Bregeda

VICTOR BREGEDA - When Time Stood Still - 27.5 x 35.25 or 14 x 18 inches - Giclee on Canvas