Pipe Dreams

Here we see a pipe with clear bubbles arising from it: our dreams and fantasies. To progress from dreaming dreams to actually opening a door to another reality, the path is not easy. We must cross a chasm and ascend rough and uneven stairs. We have the choice, to dream on, or to make it real. Over our choices, celestial beings are watching.

This painting and "On Top of the World" are companion pieces. These paintings are of two very different worlds, which are interconnected. Each painting focuses on one world, and also shows a way to get to the other world. The blue and green space depicted in "Pipe Dreams" is a close-up of the tropical rainforest glimpsed in "On Top of the World" where the dry surface has been peeled back. The doorway within "Pipe Dreams" opens up and leads to the desert-like world of "On Top of the World".

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 by Victor Bregeda

VICTOR BREGEDA - Pipe Dreams - 30 x 20 inches - Giclee on Canvas