The Master Builder

The full moon indicates that this painting is a dream. It depicts different stages of life and how we develop as happy and complete human beings. The tree represents the core of our humanity. We are tied to the earth by our roots or physical connection. The trunk of the tree represents our deep seated thoughts and emotions. The branches symbolize the different choices and possibilities that we face. The new developments in our lives are represented by the blossoms.

The houses in the branches represent people who have fulfilled their spiritual destiny and are reaching to the heavens. The children are full of life, joy, happiness, and beauty as they walk under the blossoming tree and pick its enchanted flowers. Their activities are in contrast to those of the old man. He has become wise, as we all can, by unharnessing the past, changing his outlook, and heading for the future, represented by the sparkling pond.

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 by Victor Bregeda

VICTOR BREGEDA - The Master Builder - 20 x 24 or 14 x 17 inches - Giclee on Canvas