Between your heart and your mind

Between planets

Between understanding

It's a secret place

— Victor Bregeda

In this painting, Victor examines the relationship between our everyday reality, and the world of dreams and visions. The yellow area represents the world of dreams. A man in the everyday world looks into the dream world through a tear in the membrane separating the two worlds. The man stands beside a table which holds an ancient book, a knife, and half an apple. Here we see that items can move from the everyday world into the world of dreams. The apple in the ordinary reality was cut in half, and half the apple has been moved to the world of dreams. Victor shows here that time moves at a different pace in the ordinary reality as compared to the visionary state; the apple in the ordinary reality has already turned slightly brown, while the apple in the dream reality is still fresh. Like the two halves of the apple, the world of dreams and the world of everyday consciousness fit together to form a complete whole.

In the world of visions, all is fresh and luminous. Waterfalls of manna cascade down. We see a rider gradually manifesting into the dream reality. In the ordinary reality, we can read the old books that hold the knowledge from the past. From these seeds of knowledge sprout new thoughts that can transport us to the visionary state.

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 by Victor Bregeda

VICTOR BREGEDA - Enigma - 20 x 30 inches - Giclee on Canvas