Dream Fulfillment

In this painting, two distinct realities that interpenetrate each other are shown superimposed. These two realities complete one another, rather than interfering with each other. Looking at this painting, one is reminded that the universe has many dimensions. Two realities, subjective and objective, are shown at the same time, and can be understood from several perspectives.

The man on the bicycle is going past an ancient windmill, evocative of the tale of Don Quixote. One may contemplate the act of transfiguration: the man is casting a shadow of Don Quixote with a lance, riding a horse towards the inevitable enemy. He is followed by an invisible unknown character who is outside the canvas, and casts a visible shadow. This is Sancho Panza, the loyal companion of the knight. A similar transfiguration occurs with the woman who is resting in the foreground. The windmill, the bike rider, and his companion transform her into the beautiful Dulcinea, and light an Andalusian rose in her hair.

A man rides his bicycle through the countryside on a sunny day; within his mind, he may be the brave and legendary Don Quixote, off on a mission to conquer monstrous and terrifying enemies.

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 by Victor Bregeda

VICTOR BREGEDA - Dream Fulfillment - 12 x 16 inches - Giclee on Canvas