Creation is a multifaceted concept: from the Great Creation of the Creator to the creation of an artist. The composition of this painting illustrates how the two are connected. The act of the creation of humanity is reflected in the act of making a painting about Adam and Eve, and even in the preparation for painting. While being squeezed out onto the palette, the oil paints take the form of Adam and Eve, the snake (blue), and the angels (white). In the thin folds of the fabric can also be seen two transparent images, a man and a woman, two other angelic beings. The artist creates on his own level, and with his own artistic media, according to a plan that he has.

Adam and Eve, male and female, are shown as being created from green and red , opposite colors; green a cool color and red a warm color. These two colors are like two poles that start a rotation, to start a life. Mixing these colors will give a brown color, the earth color and the color of the material of which man was first made, according to the Bible: Jordanian earth. The making of this painting, where particular oil paints and their combinations and interplay are used, reflects the creation of our world on earth.

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 by Victor Bregeda

VICTOR BREGEDA - Creation - 18 x 24 or 14 x 18.75 inches - Giclee on Canvas