Inexplicable Landscape

In this painting, Victor shows the interaction between two forces, which can be understood as the sun energy (upper portion of painting) and the moon energy (lower area of painting), or as male, yang, energy (sun) interacting with female, yin, energy (moon). On another level, the painting can be understood as representing the interaction between a personí mind and deep soul. The two men in the boats represent different aspects of the same person. The man in the upper boat represents the personís conscious mind; the man in the lower boat symbolizes the personís soul.

From the deep soul level (bottom of painting) feelings, thoughts, visions, and dreams arise, which Victor symbolizes as islands floating upwards. These visions from the subconscious or soul level rise upward to where they can be perceived by the conscious mind. The large island in the upper part of the painting symbolizes a thought or feeling of the personís deep soul, which has now become perceivable to the conscious mind.

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 by Victor Bregeda

VICTOR BREGEDA - Inexplicable Landscape - 30 x 15 inches - Giclee on Canvas