Artist Julian Ritter

Photo of Artist Julian Ritter

Born in Hamburg, Germany in 1909, Julian Ritter grew up as a solitary youth, the only child of an aspiring Polish actress. His mother claimed his father was a Count, but she refused to reveal the man's identity. As a young boy, Julian entertained himself wandering the docks of Hamburg and dreaming of far off places. He discovered an early passion for art while sketching ships in the harbor. Julian's interest in drawing was encouraged by his teacher, and a recognized landscape painter living nearby. [ photo © Ritter Family Trust ]

Julian Ritter's paintings reveal the reverence he has always felt for glamorous and beautiful women. 'My Showgirl' is actually Ritter with his first wife who was a Vegas showgirl in the late 30's. 'Dinner Party' was painted when he was with the movie studios in LA with some of his friends -- Olivia deHaviland, Vivian Leigh, Charlie Chaplan, Red Skelton, and others. Ritter spent the latter part of his life in Hawaii where, sadly, he died in 2000.

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