Kari von Wening

Photo of Artist Kari von Wening

Award winning artist Kari von Wening earned her BA & MFA from University of California, LA. Kari's art evolved from Intaglio printmaking into assembling & welding scrap and found metal into beautiful metal sculptures.

"The process entails carving out shapes with a plasma cutter (an electric torch), then welding these pieces together. Sometimes, I add acid to further enhance the rusting process. I then add color by the layering of inks and spraying acrylic enamels. The fine-tuning comes with Stabillo pencils. I seal each piece with a clear acrylic coating to keep it in an arrested state of decay and to preserve the color. Most decision making comes from preconceived ideas, yet I take advantage of a degree of unpredictability in the process, which I find rewarding and meaningful as an artist." - Kari von Wening

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