Roman Czerwinski

Photo of Artist Roman Czerwinski

Roman Czerwinski's interest in art began in his early teens but did not fully manifest until after he was forced to flee Poland, emigrated to the US, and eventually moved to Maui.

Roman's style evolved over time from realism to impressionism. Maui's lush tropical beauty and vivid colors inspire him with a sense of excitement that spills over into his art.

"I love the ocean," he explains. "I want my art to reflect the joy that comes from living on this island surrounded by water and I hope to share my happiness with those who have experienced this beauty as well. Discovering some of Maui's peaceful, virgin areas is very rewarding. I experience an intensity and power even in the peacefulness."

Roman Czerwinski has been with Sargent's Fine Art Gallery since August 2008. Within a few months he had became one of our top-selling artists and is already making a name for himself internationally.

Roman enjoys painting commissioned originals for collectors with a specific request of a subject matter, style, and size. Please feel free to use samples of his work shown as an inspiration to create your own original painting.... click for more.

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Poland 2012 - Acceptance to an exhibit at National Museum in Kielce • Los Angeles, CA, 2012- Permanent display at Consulate of Malta • Portland, Oregon, 2012 - Temporary display at Portland Museum

In 2010 Roman Czerwinski was honored by Poland, the country of his birth, when his paintings were chosen for permanent display in the Polish Embassies in Los Angeles, Chicago, and Washington, DC. His work was also accepted to Wroclaw City Museum in Wroclaw, Poland • August 2012 accolades from collector & writer, Alfred J Garrotto.